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· 2013-02-12 ·

META-NET Network Meeting and META-SHARE Launch

On Friday, January 25, in Berlin was held META-NET Network meeting, during which META-SHARE version 3.0 was formally launched. Hans Uszkoreit, Stelios Piperidis, Georg Rehm, Kimmo Rossi of the European Commission and the coordinators of the projects META-NORD, METANET4U, CESAR and T4ME started META-SHARE by ceremoniously pushing big red button.

During the meeting there were a lot of interesting presentations. One of them was carried out by META-NORD coordinator Andrejs Vasiļjevs, which presented META-NORD, its aims and achievements. Other projects were presented as well: Antonio Branco introduced achievements of the METANET4U, Tamás Váradi – CESAR, Khalid Choukri – T4ME. Also more specific and technologically important topics were presented. The most outstanding was keynote presentation of the Jun’ichi Tsujii of the University of Manchester, representative of Microsoft Research Asia, who highlighted the issues of the creation and integration of the treebanks. Hans Uszkoreit inspired fruitful discussions and exchange of views between the participants of the meeting.  And finally, a new META-NET Executive Board has been elected.

· 2012-12-20 ·

The Danish META-NORD workshop on language technology was a huge success

The Danish META-NORD workshop on language technology took place at the University of Copenhagen on the 31st of October. The aim of the workshop was to present the META-NET white paper, The Danish Language in the Digital Age, and the META-NET platform, META-SHARE. In addition, the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) had planned a programme which would facilitate the exchange of experience among the participants on the status of Danish language technology today and thus initiate discussions about forming a language technology network in Denmark. These goals were all met, and many participants have afterwards expressed very positive and supportive opinions about the workshop and the formation of a language technology network in Denmark.

The programme attracted a total of 85 participants including researchers, commercial developers of language technology, funding authorities, union representatives, users and potential future users of language technologies. The event also attracted several students.

The outcome of the workshop was not only higher awareness through the presentations, but also a very lively and fruitful communication and exchange of views between users, researchers and developers. Finally, the creation of a language technology network is expected to be a very visible and useful outcome of the workshop as well.

All in all, the Danish white paper has been very well received, not only by its immediate target group, but also by the press. Following the Danish press release about the report about 10 news items have appeared in Danish newspapers and magazines, including a feature article in the largest Danish newspaper and a 50 minutes interview on the Danish national radio channel. The good press coverage has led to many inquiries from different companies who are interested in integrating language technology in their different activities. Such an industry interest is an important pre-condition for political decisions about R&D programmes to boost Danish language technology and support the Danish language in the digital age.

· 2012-12-03 ·

National workshop in Sweden

The META-NORD national workshop in Sweden was held on November 23, 2012 in Stockholm.  The workshop was jointly arranged by the Swedish META-NORD partner (UGOT) and the Swedish Language Council. The workshop was well attended by representatives from various stakeholders, i.e. research, industry and the public sector, with about 50 attendees. 

Lars Borin presented the results of the Swedish Language Whitepaper to the audience, emphasising that there is still much to do and more investments are needed in the field of Language Technology (LT) to make sure that Swedish survives in the multilingual cultures of Europe. Martha D. Brandt explained the various META groups and how they are related, introducing META-NORD but focussing on the META-SHARE repository and what potential benefits it has for the audience.

Rickard Domeij from The Swedish Language Council presented a proposal for a national infrastructure for a digital society, and Erik Borälv from VINNOVA - the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems presented work towards an open data community, while the other speakers (Mia Ahlgren from The Swedish Disability Federation, Svetoslav Marinov from Findwise, Jussi Karlgren from Gavagai and Magnus Merkel from Fodina) brought to light how their respective organisations make use of LT and which resources are lacking that they need.

All presentations from this workshop can be found here.

· 2012-11-28 ·

Vilnius conference European Languages in the Age of Technology: quo vadis?

The international conference European Languages in the Age of Technology: quo vadis? was held in Vilnius, Lithuania on November 14, 2012. The goal of the conference was to identify the challenges that national languages face in the rapidly developing language technology context. The emphasis was on the situation of small languages of Europe, such as the Lithuanian language, that need support in developing language technology solutions now and in the future.
Representatives of the research institutions, language technology experts, decision makers as well as politicians from Europe and Lithuania came together to discuss the challenges of language and cultural diversity of Europe in the age of technology and innovation.

The META-NORD project was presented by Andrejs Vasiljevs (Tilde), Neeme Kahusk (University of Tartu) and Jolanta Zabarskaite (Institute of the Lithuanian Language).

A significant part of the conference was dedicated to the META-NET initiative – building the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance. The set of European Languages White Papers was presented to the members of the Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) by META-NET Network Manager George Rehm. In his presentation presentation “Infrastructures for Language Technology Research and Innovation: what, why and how?” Stelios Piperidis, the coordinator of META-SHARE, stressed that the multilingual Europe and its linguistic heritage could bring not only challenges but also many possibilities and opportunities.

The conference served as an important trigger to a wider discussion on national level about the situation of LT and on the actions planned in the European Commission programmes for 2014 – 2020.

· 2012-11-24 ·

Two in one – language technology conferences in Tartu

There were two conferences on language technology in Estonia at the beginning of October. The Conference of National Programme of Estonian Language Technology (NPELT Conference) took place on 2 and 3 October, while the Fifth International Conference "Human Language Technologies - The Baltic Perspective" (Baltic HLT 2012) was organized on 4 and 5 October. The AHHAA Science Centre in Tartu served as a venue for both of the conferences, and there was a joint event in the evening of October 3.

Every NPELT conference held since 2007 had special guests and invited speeches from outside the NPELT projects. This year the Center of Estonian Language Resources (CELR) introduced META-NET and META-NORD in the context of presenting Language White Paper (LWP) for Estonian. Also the introduction of the META-SHARE all-in network of repositories as metadata nodes attracted the attention of the audience. The node at the University of Tartu ( served as an on-site example of how easy it is to add into the repository the metadata of your own resources.

The HLT 2012 conference was the fifth in the series. The first Baltic HLT conference was held in Riga in 2004, while the following conferences took place in Tallinn, Kaunas, and once more in Riga. The main focus of the Baltic HLT conferences has always been language technology for the two Baltic languages - Latvian and Lithuanian, and one Finno-Ugric language - Estonian. The Tartu conference was not an exception in this regard: the vast majority of the presentations at the conference (14 oral presentations and 23 posters as total) discussed NLP problems of the Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian language. There were also two invited speakers participating at the Baltic HLT 2012 conference. CLARIN ERIC Executive Director Steven Krauwer spoke in his presentation „A Multilingual Research Infrastructure for the Humanities“ about his dreams and nightmares concerning language technology. Lori Lamel (senior reseacher at LIMSI) presented the Quaero Program in her talk „Multilingual Speech Processing Activities in Quaero: Application to Multimedia Search in Unstructured Data“.

Both conferences gave a good opportunity to share best experiences in the field of language technology in the Baltic states and stressed the importance of this field in the digital age.

· 2012-11-09 ·

META-NORD & FIN-CLARIN National Workshop in Finland

The Finnish national workshop, organised on November 2, provided an excellent opportunity to bring to the attention of the larger public the findings of the META-NORD Language White Paper for Finnish.

Both the presenters of the book and the participants of the panel discussion entitled “The future of the Finnish language in the digital world” stressed the need to include research exemption clauses into the Finnish copyright law, since this would significantly improve the accessibility of language technology resources. Thus, researchers could more efficiently contribute to the development of language technology for Finnish.

Another important message of the workshop was that although it is hard to imagine that Finnish could be threatened by digital extinction in the near future, self-complacency with the current status of the Finnish language technology can have dire consequences. As Kimmo Koskenniemi, professor emeritus of Computational Linguistics at the University of Helsinki stated rather provokingly, some small language communities such as Basque, that have realised the importance of investing into LT, might prove to be better prepared for future challenges brought by the digital world than those languages that ignore the field.

· 2012-10-29 ·

E. Drezen’s 120th anniversary conference

Tilde presented META-NET and META-SHARE in the session “Use of the New Technologies in Development and Distribution of Terminology Resources” at the E. Drezen’s 120th anniversary conference. Importance of sharing terminology resources and possibilities provided by the META-SHARE platform were discussed. Proposal for integration of EuroTermBank portal as a dedicated terminology node of META-SHARE was presented.

· 2012-10-28 ·

National workshop in Norway

In Norway, a national workshop was held on October 15 and 16 at the National Library in Oslo, where Gunn Inger Lyse and Koenraad De Smedt from the Norwegian META-NORD partner contributed in cooperation with other organizations.  On October 15 the workshop had a full day program including the presentation of the META-NORD Language White Paper for Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), the presentation of the Strategic Research Agenda and a demo of META-SHARE.  There were also presentations from the language technology developers and research community in Norway, as well as from the Research Council of Norway.  The next day, on October 16, there were group discussions, match making and further demos.  The workshop had 56 registered participants, including many representatives from industry, which is a success.

· 2012-10-22 ·

Riga Conference on Language, Technologies and the Future of Europe

A major META-NET event was organized in Riga on September 21, 2012 – the international conference Language, Technologies and the Future of Europe. The conference brought together leading European and Baltic specialists and government representatives to gain an understanding and to create a vision of the future role of national languages in Europe.

Valdis Dombrovskis, the Prime Minister of Latvia, in his video address to the conference participants stressed that the diversity of cultures, traditions and languages is one of the most important treasures of Europe. At the same time, language diversity creates problems to commerce and communication across Europe. Language technologies play a crucial role to overcome the language barriers. For smaller languages like Latvian keeping up with the ever increasing pace of time and technological development is crucial.

In the conference participated a large number of Latvian politicians and researchers as well as guests from other countries. Žaneta Jaunzeme-Grende, Minister of Culture of Latvia, emphasized the unique economic value of Latvian language and culture, as well as its role in our global competitive differentiation. Harolds Celms, Director of the EU Publications Office, and Uldis Priede from DGT Translation of the European Commission shared their experience addressing challenges of providing information in 23 official EU languages. Hans Uszkoreit provided a strategic view on the research and development of language technologies in Europe, outlined the strategic research agenda for the next decade and described the development of META-NET. Stelios Piperidis presented the META-SHARE platform and encouraged participants to share their language resources for the use of both researchers and developers.

The conference concluded with an official launch of the innovative machine translation platform LETSMT.COM which was supported by the European Commission ICT-PSP Programme.
You can watch video recordings of the conference speeches on the website

· 2012-09-26 ·

September 26 - European day of Languages!

Congratulations to all the researchers, industry players and everyone who cares about the diversity of the European languages. We wish you a lot of useful and promising LT solutions and achievements! META-NET White Paper Series: Press Release

· 2012-09-10 ·

META-NORD consortium meeting in Iceland

The second META-NORD project consortium meeting in 2012 was organized in Reykjavik, Iceland, on August 21-22. During the meeting project partners presented their progress with regards to each Work package, as well as their future plans. The discussions focused on main achievements, plans regarding the maintenance of the already existing META-SHARE nodes and installing new ones, the preparation for the third upload of language resources, as well as sustainability strategy. One of the hottest topics was the organization of the upcoming national workshops and the META-NET Language White Paper Series dissemination campaign.  The consortium also decided about the coordination of the dissemination activities.

· 2012-07-04 ·


An international conference on powerful technologies for the multilingual European information society. This year META-FORUM 2012 took place in Brussels, Belgium on June 20-21.The topic of the conference was “A Strategy for Multilingual Europe”. This idea was reflected in the sessions topics: “Industry and Innovation – Language Technology Made in Europe” and “Language technologies for Europe 2020”. The winners of the META Prize and the META Seal of Recognition chosen by the META Technology Council were announced during the final session of the first day

The conference hosted the META Exhibition which included 40 exhibits, booths and stands from research and industry. The exhibition was a good opportunity for LT companies to network and showcase their work on a European stage where they were seen by decision makers, MEPs and other VIPs.

META-NORD was presented by the project coordinator Andrejs Vasiljevs (Tilde, Latvia) in the session “METASHARE: An Open Resource Exchange Infrastructure”. In his presentation Andrejs Vasiljevs emphasized the fact that the META-SHARE language resource exchange facility is devoted to the sustainable sharing and dissemination of LRs between its members and the community at large. META-SHARE thus increases the access to LRs at a global scale by supporting the harmonization of the laws governing copyright exceptions and limitations, fair use and fair dealing. How to ensure the sustainability of work done so far by harmonizing language resources after the EU funding stage is an issue of high importance, which must be clearly understood by all EU funded LT projects.

Andrejs Vasiljevs delivered also another presentation on translation clouds in the session “Language Technologies for Europe 2020”. The META-NORD project partner Bolette Sandford Pedersen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) presented "The META-NET Language White Paper Series: Overview and Key Results" in the session “Europe and its Languages”. The conference offered an excellent opportunity for all the METANORD partners to change ideas with other related EU project members and to find out more about LT companies, language research and industry possibilities in other countries.

We hope that the tremendous work of all those who made the conference happen and especially Prof. Hans Uszkoreit, Network Manager Georg Rehm, as well as the META-NET Communication Group led by John Judge will be rewarded. Their effort to ensure that META-A Network of Excellence forging the Multilingual Europe technology Alliance would attract more and more members and would become richer in innovative ideas on the future of language technology in Europe is remarkable. You can read more about the programme and the events of META FORUM 2012 at

· 2012-07-02 ·

CHAT 2012

The second workshop on the Creation, Harmonization and Application of Terminology resources (CHAT 2012) was held in conjunction with the conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE) on June 22, 2012 in Madrid, Spain.

Every day the volume of terminology is growing along with the increasing volume of information available on the web. Effi-cient terminology acquisition and manage-ment has become an essential component of intelligible translation, localization, technical writing and other professional language work. The current models for finding, sharing and using terminology data cannot keep up with a growing de-mand in multilingual Europe. The role of terminology however is today more im-portant than ever to ensure that people communicate efficiently and precisely.

Consistent, harmonized and easily accessi-ble terminology is an extremely important prerequisite for ensuring unambiguous multilingual communication in the Europe-an Union and throughout the world. The planned workshop aimed at bringing to-gether academic and industrial players in the area of terminology and attracting holders of terminology resources. The workshop also focused on fostering the cooperation between EU projects and re-search and development activities in the area of terminology along with sharing experience and discussing recent advances of the consolidation, harmonization, and distribution of terminology resources, as well as their practical application in vari-ous domains.

META-NORD was presented briefly at the CHAT 2012 by Tatiana Gornostay. Presentation entitled as “META-NORD: Baltic and Nordic Parts of the European Open Linguistic Infrastructure”. META-NORD coordinator, Andrejs Vasiļjevs, gave a presentation “EuroTermBank – Towards Dedicated Terminology Services for European Linguistic Infrastructure”. Also participated in the discussion panel “Terminology Resources as part of Euro-pean Open Linguistic Infrastructure” mod-erated by Tatiana Gornostay.

This workshop was organized by FP7 pro-jects TaaS (Terminology as a Service) and TTC (Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora), and ICT-PSP project META-NORD (Baltic and Nordic Branch of the European Open Lin-guistic Infrastructure) to continue a series of meetings that started as the first CHAT 2011 workshop in Riga in May 2011.

The other two sister projects CESAR and METANET4U have been invited to take part in the workshop to insure coherence between the three projects and seek poten-tial synergies this time within the consoli-dation of multilingual terminology re-sources.


· 2012-06-14 ·

Welcome to META-FORUM 2012!

META-FORUM - an international conference on powerful technologies for the multilingual European information society. This year META-FORUM 2012 will take place in Brussels, Belgium on June 20-21. The topic of the conference – A Strategy for Multilingual Europe. During the conference META Exhibition will be organized including 40 exhibits, booths and stands from research and industry.

META-NORD will be presented in the second day of conference by project coordinator Andrejs Vasiljevs (Tilde, Latvia) in the Session:  META-SHARE: An Open Resource Exchange Infrastructure. Also Andrejs Vasiljevs will present "Translation Cloud" in the session: Language Technologies for Europe 2020 – Joint session by META-NET and LT Innovate. META-NORD project partner Bolette Sandford Pedersen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) will present "The META-NET Language White Paper Series: Overview and Key Results" in the session: Europe and its Languages – Joint session by META-NET and EFNIL (European Federation of National Institutions for Language). Join us! Conference program.

· 2012-06-12 ·

A fantastic event – LREC 2012 have taken place in Istanbul on June 21-26, main conference June 23-25

The eighth international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC) was organized by ELRA with the support of a wide range of international associations and organizations. The event run smoothly, judging from the partici-pants and interested parts. During the event an overview of the new R&D direc-tions and emerging trends was provided, exchanged information regarding LRs and their applications, evaluation methodolo-gies and tools, industrial uses and needs, requirements coming from the e-society. Therefore conference like previous ones achieved a great success in the communi-ty of the researchers and creators of LR‘s.

In this year conference all the members of the Meta-Net projects: META-NORD, T4ME, CESAR, META4U were present-ed combined and unified like all joint family. Therefore all the projects took a fair space in project village, in the main conference and together arranged a work-shop. Also projects were presented in various poster and oral sessions. META-NORD was presented by Andrejs Va-siljevs (TILDE) in a special session “EU projects, a broad overview” and separate-ly in a poster session “Creation of an Open Shared Language Resource Reposi-tory in the Nordic and Baltic Countries”.

META-RESEARCH Workshop on Ad-vanced Treebanking was initiated equally by META-NORD partner University of Bergen (UiB). Workshop was organized by Jan Hajič (T4ME), Koenraad De Smedt (META-NORD), Marko Tadic (CESAR), Antonio Branco (META4U). Gyri S. Losnegaard and Victoria Rosén (UiB) presented a paper on the workshop with the title "What We Have Learned from Sofie: Extending Lexical and Gram-matical Coverage in an LFG Parsebank", written by Gyri Losnegaard, Gunn Inger Lyse, Martha Thunes, Victoria Rosén, Koenraad De Smedt, Helge Dyvik and Paul Meurer. The paper presented some findings from the delivery from project INESS to project META-NORD's first batch of resources.

The workshop as a whole addressed EU and world-wide projects and research groups that are creating, standardizing, converting and/or using treebanks, there-by often tackling the same issues and rein-venting methods and tools.

· 2012-05-18 ·

META-NORD will participate in LREC 2012, Istanbul, Turkey 23-25 May

On Wednesday, May 23, starts LREC 2012: The International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. Traditionally, LREC brings together a large number of specialists interested and working in the field of language resources and their evaluation.

The META-NET network and the META-NORD project will be presented at the LREC EU Project Village. The META-NORD project will be also presented at the poster session Language Resources Infrastructures with the poster “Creation of an Open Shared Language Resource Repository in the Nordic and Baltic Countries”.

We would like to invite everyone interested in language resources to visit the META-NORD booth and learn about the goals and recent advances of the project.

· 2012-04-28 ·

Conference on Language Technology in Iceland

On April 27, META-NORD in Iceland, along with The Icelandic Centre for Language Technology and The Icelandic Language Council, hosted a conference on LT in Iceland. Special guests at the well-attended-conference were Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the Icelandic Minister of Education, Science and Culture, and Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen, Director of the Danish Language Council. Eight papers were given and six posters presented on various aspects of LT, such as speech synthesizers, search engines, speech recognizers, corpora and language in society. The conference was hugely successful and the approximately 70 attendants were quite impressed with the work being done on LT in Iceland.
In conjunction with the conference, Icelandic LT received considerable attention in the media: Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson of META-NORD was interviewed by three different radio stations and articles appeared in both of the biggest newspapers in the country as well as the international on-line magazine Icelandic Review. So the META-NORD project has already attracted considerable attention to LT in Iceland.

· 2012-04-16 ·

Meta-Nord at eMatch event in Oslo

UIB (University of Bergen) represented Meta-Nord at an eMatch matchmaking event in Oslo, Norway on March 26, 2012. eMatch is an international profiling and project matchmaking platform. It is one of the services offered by the Forum of e-Excellence (EMF), the European cross-stakeholders' network promoting excellence in the digital economy. The eMatch network and partners include partners from the European ICT and media industries (defined by Eurostat and OECD as 'the new Information and Communication Sector' - ICS).

Meta-Nord was invited to the event as the event aimed to link knowledge about semantic technologies, languages, databases and publications. The event offered information and demonstrations of language banks, semantic technology and modern publishing solutions.

· 2012-04-03 ·

Helsinki Finite-State Technology (HFST ) received an award at CICLing 2012

UHEL (University of Helsinki) participated in CICLing 2012 on March 11-17 in New Delhi, India, where they presented HFST. One presentation showed how HFST can be used for improving input for mobile phone text messages and another demonstrated how the quality of spelling suggestions can be improved. The article on improving mobile phone input "Predictive Text Entry for Agglutinative Languages Using Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation", authors Miikka Silfverberg, Krister Linden and Mirka Hyvärinen (UHEL), received the best student paper award.


· 2012-02-09 ·

META-NORD consortium meeting

META-NORD consortium meeting took place at LKI, on 5-6 March, 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Partners of the project discussed first year results, progress so far in each work package. The plan of activities and future tasks have been discussed and considered: up-coming Deliverables, preparation for national workshops, further consortium meetings,  participation in international conferences where META-NORD will be presented.


· 2012-02-03 ·

META-NORD at the International Vilnius and Baltic Book Fair

Project META-NORD was presented at the 13‘th International Book Fair, Vilnius, Lithuania, 23-26 February, 2012. Jolanta Zabarskaitė (LKI) presented importance, goals and achievements of the project META-NORD, Rita Miliūnaitė (LKI) showed new electronic source - Database of Neologisms. After that Algirdas Saudargas (The European Parliament) took part in a discussion “Lithuanian Language in 21st century – challenges and new possibilities” and exposed weaknesses of the countries with little amount of language technologies and how projects like META-NORD can change such kind of situations. To sum up, the main goal to spread the information about the project among participants of the biggest Book Fair in the Baltic countries was reached.


· 2012-02-03 ·

META-NORD at the Global Wordnet Conference in Japan, Matsue

The META-NORD project partners from UCPH (Bolette Sandford Pedersen) and UHEL (Krister Lindén) attended the Global Wordnet Conference in Japan, Matsue, 9-13 January 2012. Bolette Sandford Pedersen presented the Horizontal task on Wordnets in META-NORD “Linking and Validating Nordic and Baltic Wordnets - A Multilingual Action in META-NORD“ on behalf of herself and several META-NORD partners. The presentation focused on the validation of different methods for wordnet building; an approach which gained high interest at the conference. Likewise with FinnWordNet  which is now the world‘s second largest WordNet available as an open-source, presented by Krister Lindén.


· 2012-01-18 ·

META-NORD seminar on achievements and benefits for business and researchers

The seminar that was held at the Lithuanian Language Institute was aimed at mobilising the research community, state organisations and business. It was attended by representatives from Vilnius University, Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, the Centre of Information Technologies in Education and parties concerned from Info-Balt. They were introduced to the first-year results of Meta-Nord, were given a presentation and took part in a discussion about the Meta-Share idea and possibilities. The representatives who are working on meta data resources demonstrated the work that had been done to make the Lithuanian language resources available for the Meta-Share system.


· 2011-12-15 ·

META-NORD&FIN-CLARIN seminar in Finland.

The seminar was focused on demos on Annex/Trova (Mietta Lennes), Meta-Share editor (Jussi Piitulainen), FinnWordNet (Jyrki Niemi) and a presentation on the Finnish Treebank (Atro Voutilainen). This was a promotion event for Meta-Share.

In this seminar participated META-NORD&FIN-CLARIN partners from UHEL, CSC, KOTUS, Aalto University, The National Archives, etc., as well as members of the UHEL META-NORD and FIN-CLARIN teams (Krister Lindén, Kimmo Koskenniemi, Tanja Purtonen, Tommi Pirinen, Anssi Yli-Jyrä, Imre Bartis).

META-NORD @ Workshop on Language Resources, Technology and Services in the Sharing Paradigm (LRTS)

The Workshop on Language Resources, Technology and Services in the Sharing Paradigm was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on November 12, 2011. The workshop was organized by by FLaReNet, Language Grid and META-SHARE in connection with IJCNLP 2011. The Workshop aims at addressing technological, market and policy challenges posed by the “sharing and openness paradigm”, the major role that language resources can play and the consequences of this paradigm on language resources themselves. Several presentations were made by META-NET members on different aspects related to META-SHARE. Inguna Skadiņa (Tilde) introduced workshop participants work done in META-NORD project with paper presentation “META-NORD: Towards Sharing of Language Resources in Nordic and Baltic Countries

The attendees of CLARA Career Course get acquainted with META-NORD

The CLARA is the Initial Training Network in the Marie Curie Actions on Common Language Resources and their Applications. Its Career Course on Product Planning for Next Generation Information Access Technology Solutions was held in the Centre for Advance Academic Studies, University of Zagreb in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 2011-09-20 until 2011-09-23. The course offered complementary skills for early stage researchers for their future R&D careers in industry or in academic cooperation with industry. Within this course different language resources and applications of LRT were presented . The META-NORD project was explained by the usage of poster that was presented by Prof. Koenraad De Smedt.


· 2011-10-22 ·

META-NET Network Meeting and General Assembly

In October 21st and 22nd last META-NETizens from all across Europe came together in Berlin for the first META-NET Network Meeting and General Assembly. In total 93 participants attended the meetings representing every node in the META-NET Network of Excellence incorporating four European projects, T4ME, CESAR, METANET4U and META-NORD.


· 2011-10-14 ·

EUROLAN 2011 Summer school

On August 24 – September 4 the EUROLAN 2011 Summer school , the venue was Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in the heart of Transylvania, provided one week of intensive study of the natural language processing technologies currently under development to support industrial applications. Internationally known scholars, researchers (with the particular involvement of scientists from the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance – META), as well as industrials involved in leading-edge work in innovative areas of natural language processing gave lectures at the school (tutorials, hands-on labs and demos) to share with students in-depth understanding and experience.

The META-NORD project was one of the silver sponsors of the event and the project coordinator Andrejs Vasiļjevs gave a lecture "META-NET, related projects and industry-research collaboration"

· 2011-09-30 ·

Metadata workshop Helsinki, Finland

On the 30th of September in Helsinki Metadata workshop took place. The main purpose of the workshop was to help META-NORD partners create metadata for their resources which needed to be uploaded to the META-NORD repository by the end of November. Before the workshop each participant was asked to collect as many questions related to problems with creating metadata as possible, since part of the meeting time was dedicated to solving encountered issues.


· 2011-09-14 ·

META-NORD @ CLARIN Seminar in Riga, Latvia

The META-NORD project concept, objectives, expected impact and results were presented by the project coordinator Andrejs Vasiļjevs (TILDE) at CLARIN seminar held on July 5, 2011 at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia (CLARIN in Latvia).


· 2011-07-05 ·

META-NORD @ Norwegian Språkbank seminar

META-NORD was heavily represented at the Norwegian Språkbank seminar, with three presentations in June 2011 (Bolette Pedersen—Denmark, Koenraad deSmedt—Norway and Raivis Skadiņš—Tilde).

· 2011-06-30 ·


META-FORUM 2011 "Solutions for Multilingual Europe featured an exhibition space "META-EXHIBITION" in which various aspects of the work being done across the entire META community and beyond were displayed and demonstrated. The exhibition reflected both the research and industry aspects of the META community. That was a fantastic opportunity for everybody to network with others in the field and to showcase their work to a large and influential audience drawn from stakeholders across research, industry and various national and European institutions. META-NORD was presented with the poster by the project coordinator Andrejs Vasiļjevs (TILDE).

Andrejs Vasiļjevs also gave a talk "The META-NET Whitepaper Series on European Languages". The whitepapers report on the state of each European language with respect to Language Technology and explains the most urgent risks and chances. The series covers all official European languages. META-NET Language White Papers are available for the following META-NORD languages: Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Icelandic, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Swedish.

· 2011-06-29 ·

META-NORD @ Workshop on Visibility and Availability of LT Resources

META-NORD participated in the workshop on visibility and availability of LT resources co-located with NODALIDA 2011. The workshop participants discussed how existing resources can be made more visible and available, and initiated discussions on how closed resources can be made accessible, especially with the aim of fostering multilingual and cross-lingual language technology not only between the Nordic languages but also between Nordic majority and minority languages as well as between Nordic and non-Nordic languages.

META-NORD presentation “META-NORD: Baltic and Nordic Branch of the European Open Linguistic Infrastructure” was given by the project coordinator Andrejs Vasiļjevs.

META-NORD presentation "The META-NORD language reports" was given by the project partner Koenraad De Smedt.

· 2011-05-11 ·

META-NORD @ CHAT 2011 Workshop

META-NORD was one of the organizers of the CHAT 2011: Creation, Harmonization and Application of Terminology Resources workshop. The main idea of the workshop was to focus on the fostering the cooperation between the European Projects and research and development activities in the area of terminology, and bring together academic and industrial researchers, as well as attract and involve postgraduate students and young researchers.

CHAT was a joint effort of TILDE, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, NHH (Norway), the Seventh Framework Programme TTC project, the Seventh Framework Programme CLARA project, the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme META-NORD project, and Programme Committee members from ten countries throughout the world.

We hope the participants found the workshop interesting and useful for their further research in the development of terminology resources and services of the future, had fruitful discussions and revealed promising perspectives. CHAT proceedings have been published in the electronic repository of the University of Tartu Library as NEALT Proceedings Series vol. 12.

META-NORD publication "From Terminology Database to Platform for Terminology Services", Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Tatiana Gornostay and Inguna Skadiņa (TILDE), presented at CHAT 2011 by Andrejs Vasiļjevs, discussed among others the concept of sharing of terminology resources through the European open linguistic infrastructure.

· 2011-05-11 ·

Progress meeting in Riga

The META-NORD project progress meeting took place at TILDE on 2011-05-10 in Riga, Latvia. Ongoing tasks and deliverables as well as future work were discussed among partners.

· 2011-05-10 ·

META-NORD kick-off meeting

META-NORD partners participating in the kick-off meeting with project officer Philippe Gelin.

META-NORD kick-off meeting took place in EUROFORUM Building in Luxembourg on 2011-02-10. After presentations of individual work packages, general procedures and the first steps were coordinated. Also the general schedule and first deliverables were agreed upon.

· 2011-02-10 ·

META-NORD project started

The project META-NORD "Baltic and Nordic Parts of the European Open Linguistic Infrastructure" that has received funding from the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme "Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme" (ICT PSP), Theme 6: Multilingual Web, under the Funding Scheme "CIP-Pilot actions", grant agreement no 270899, started on 2011-02-01.

The eighth international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC) organized by ELRA with the support of a wide range of international associations and organizations have run smoothly, judging from the participants and interested parts. During the event an overview of the new R&D directions and emerging trends have been provided, exchanged information regarding LRs and their applications, evaluation methodologies and tools, industrial uses and needs, requirements coming from the e-society, both with respect to policy issues and to technological and organizational ones. Therefore conference like previous ones achieved great success in the community of the researchers and creators of LR‘s.

In this year conference all the members of the Meta-Net projects: META-NORD, T4ME, CESAR, META4U have be presented combined and unified like all joint family. Thus all the projects took quite a space in project village, in the main conference and although arranged a workshop. Projects were presented in various poster and oral sessions, as well as META-NORD was presented separately in poster session “Creation of an Open Shared Language Resource Repository in the Nordic and Baltic Countries”.

META-RESEARCH Workshop on Advanced Treebanking was organized by Jan Hajič (T4ME), Koenraad De Smedt (META-NORD), Marko Tadic (CESAR), Antonio Branco (META4U). The workshop as a whole addressed EU and world-wide projects and research groups that are creating, standardizing, converting and/or using treebanks, thereby often tackling the same issues and reinventing methods and tools.